3/4 Winged Headboards

You can choose a ¾ winged headboard from a wide variety to match your personal style. The ultra-comfortable and free-standing headboard is the stylish wingback headboard that makes your bed the centerpiece of your bedroom.


All our luxury furniture like queen/king winged along with double winged headboards are available in your choice and of over a wide range of stunning fabrics that will be assembled and delivered in the room of your choice.

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Frequantly Asked Questions

  • What bedroom suites are in style?

    Today the farmhouse bedroom suites, canopy bedroom suites, along four-poster beds are some of the most popular styles. In addition, platform bedroom suites and bedroom suites with built-in storage are also trendy choices for today’s buyers.

  • How many types of headboards do you provide?

    At HG BAVA CC, we provide various headboards for bedroom suites such as ¾ winged headboards, double-winged headboards, king winged headboards, queen winged headboards, standard headboards, and many more as per your requirements.

  • Which bedroom suites are the most comfortable?

    For those who sleep with a partner, king or queen-sized bedroom suites will be much more comfortable than a full-sized bedroom suite. In terms of support, choose a bed with a durable frame and one that requires a box spring whenever possible.

  • Why do bedroom suites have headboards?

    Originally, headboards were used to provide a layer of protection between the person sleeping and the wall. Today, headboards are more of a decorative feature of bedroom suites to give them a touch of unique personality and style & also helpful to protect you from hitting the wall when you toss and turn at night.

  • Which bedroom suites are the sturdiest and strongest?

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  • Which bedroom suites are best for bad backs?

    If you are suffering from a bad back, look for bedroom suites that feature a firm sleeping surface. In addition, your bedroom suite should be supportive of your entire body and conform to your body’s shape to give you proper support while you sleep.

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