Carpets have always been the best option to spice up your home décor. So style your home with our exquisite collection of carpet designs and rugs. Our wide range of furniture accessories is crafted from premium and luxurious raw materials, ensuring an incredibly soft feeling underfoot. 

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Frequantly Asked Questions

  • What carpet is in style nowadays?
    Neutral carpet colors like grey are in style nowadays. That is great news for lots of homeowners since neutral colours are easy to incorporate into any type of style or theme. Reach us for more details.
  • How often should carpets be cleaned?
    To keep carpets looking and performing at their best, it is recommended to have your carpets professionally deep-cleaned every twelve to eighteen months. However, the recommended frequency will only act as a general guideline and can vary based on your particular situations.
  • What are different styles of carpet?
    There are five basic styles of cut pile carpet. They are Velvet, Frieze, Saxony, Shag, and Cable; each provides a different look and texture. The fundamental difference between these styles is the number of twists in the yarns that will ultimately influence the carpet’s durability.
  • Which is the softest carpet type?
    Wool, a natural, luxurious, and long-lasting material, is the softest carpet fibre you can find. However, low-grade wool is more susceptible to staining, and high-grade wool is costly. Therefore, we combine wool with synthetic fibres to create a carpet with the benefits of both.
  • Which is the highest quality carpet?
    Nylon is the most common carpet material. It is a highly durable fiber, making it an excellent choice for heavy-traffic areas which is easy to clean and maintain. The newer carpet yarn - Triexta, is famous for its durability and stain resistance.
  • What is the characteristic of carpet flooring?
    We know that carpet is the most popular and versatile floor covering solution. Carpet offers decor versatility, insulation, warmth, energy savings, comfort, and many more.  In addition, it has excellent noise dampening properties, a safe, and a non-slip surface, with ease of maintenance and value for money.
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