Coffee Tables

Coffee Tables

The flawless coffee tables of various sizes, shapes, and colors would transform your living area without any big investment. A wooden coffee table is an elementary piece that helps you to organize your little accessory.

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Frequantly Asked Questions

  • What coffee tables are in style now?
    The triangular-shaped coffee table with rounded corners is an excellent trend nowadays. The minimalist aesthetic makes coffee tables a timeless piece of furniture. Today, black furniture will be present in most living rooms, while white coffee tables will be paired with light furniture.
  • Where do you place a coffee table?
    The general rule of thumb told us that it is feasible to place the coffee table within about fourteen to eighteen inches from the sofa. That is close enough to reach for a magazine, but still offers plenty of legroom.
  • How far should a coffee table be from a couch?
    The height of a coffee table is an essential factor. It should be not lower than one to two inches from the seat of the couch. The standard height for a table would be sixteen to eighteen inches and pairs well with a typical sized couch.
  • What is the best size for a coffee table?
    Practically speaking, your coffee table should be approximately two-thirds the length of your lounge suites or sofa. So, as an example, for a ninety-six-inch sofa, you should look for a coffee table that is sixty-four inches long.
  • Can a coffee table be higher than a couch?
    Your coffee table should not be more than four inches higher or shorter than the top of the lounge suite or sofa seat cushions. Practically,  sixteen to eighteen inches is the ideal distance between the lounge suite or sofa and coffee table.
  • How much is too small for a coffee table?
    In general, your coffee table should be at least half the width of your sofa, and it should not be lower than the ground. You should get a table that is about the height of your couch cushions. You can make sure to take into account whether your couch cushions sink in when you sit down.
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