Lounge suites

Lounge suites

Lounge suites are one of the important accessories in the home furniture for the living room. Lounge suites are generally termed as “ Sofa “ or “ Couch “. This is because they are the centerpieces of every living space.

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Frequantly Asked Questions

  • How should I choose lounge suites with more depth?

    Lounge suites come in various dimensions, such as 2 piece lounge suites, 3 piece lounge suites, corner lounge suites, and many more to suit your size and room size. While many people prefer deep-seated lounge suites or sofas, we recommend you to contact us for more information, so we can help you find the perfect sized lounge suites according to your needs.

  • Will lounge suites fit in my room? How to measure lounge suites?

    It is best to get the total measurement of the room you plan to put the lounge suites in before you make a purchase to ensure they fit perfectly in the room. Lounge suites are measured and should be about two thirds the size of the entire room. You can measure from the top of the back to the front of the arm to determine the diagonal measurement.

  • Can Sofas be taken apart? Can you separate sectional or recliner lounge suites?

    Some sofas, lounge suites or couches are easy to manipulate to give you different configurations. A modular-style lounge suite is the best example of a sofa or lounge suite that can be taken apart. However, most sectional and recliner lounge suites are not designed to be taken apart once everything is fully assembled and put in place.

  • Do you have Lounge Suites that can be delivered quickly?

    If you purchase a lounge suite that is currently in stock and ready to ship, you can expect delivery within 2-3 working days if you are in a major city and 3-5 working days if you are in an outlying area after we process your order. You can feel free to contact us for more details in case of any query. 

  • What color Lounge suites are in style and fashion today?

    While brown is still the most popular lounge suite or sofa color, today’s fashionable color choices are bolder than ever. Jewel tones like teal and deep green are popular lounge suite colors, and rich tones of purple and neutral shades of grey.

  • What color of Lounge suites best suited with modern house interior?

    Since grey is a neutral color, almost any sofa or lounge suite hue will suit well with this tone. Or you can choose trendy colors like Beige, Blue, and White as per the colors of your home walls.

  • What are the best pet-friendly lounge suits?

    You can always choose a lounge suite with durable upholstery like leather. Anything that is durable and would not show scratches or holes is the best choice. Ideally, stronger fabrics such as canvas or leather are best if you have a household with pets like cats or dogs.

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